"Guanyar un procés és adquirir una gallina i perdre una vaca." - Proverbi xinés

KINGDOM is an audio-visual experience that serves as a template for empowerment. It models the path of awakening in the face of adversity, becoming whole, and confronting inner and outer darkness in order to transform it. The film's visual and musical arrangement imprints a more courageous way of being. With repeated viewings, this imprint strengthens and becomes available to the viewer as an inner knowing.

It's against immense odds, that the brilliance of one's soul spark ignites – and it's through the unison of our sparks that the purifying inferno of Truth blazes. One flame to ignite an inferno. Et Lux in Tenebris.

Written, Directed, and Animated by: Lubomir Arsov
Executive Producer: Aubrey Marcus – Chakaruna Media
Original Score Composed and Produced by: Daniel Dubb
Born A Legend Composed by: Secession Studios
Additional Music & SFX by: Kyle Steven Gollob
Additional Compositing by: Salar Salahi

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